Rumored for years but never going down, Supreme is set to drop Box Logo long sleeves this FW20 season in a total of nine different color variations. 

Supreme established in 1994, has released an insane amount of different Box Logos on tee shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks but never has the coveted branding adorned a long sleeve shirt. Perfect for the Fall, this season Supreme will put the rumors to rest and finally release the Box Logo long sleeves that fans have been waiting years for. For now, colorways are not official or announced but expect to see nine different tees to be releasing sporting all different colors. From past releases, fans can expect to see the primary colors Supreme uses like black, white, grey, red and navy to all be apart of the official nine.

For now, we aren’t exactly sure when the long sleeves will be releasing this season but with the Cross Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirts releasing in December, the long sleeve variation would likely be going down sooner as early as October. As we wait for more details, check out the mock-up of nine different colorways we could see release below and make sure to stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for updates and all of the upcoming Supreme FW20 news.

Source: DropsByJay